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BE semi-trailers

Tijhof has entered a collaboration with BE-Combi and Kuiper Wagenbouw, specialised in tractors and semi-trailers. Together, they design and construct BE semi-trailers, for licence B+E, especially for car transportation.

The new product line of semi-trailers were designed in a range of 9 metres in length up to 13.6 metres in length in steps of one metre. The lightest model starts with 5 tonnes, and can be expanded to 8.5 tonnes GVW, with air suspension axles and disc brakes equipped with Mercedes Sprinter technique.

Options for BE semi-trailers include:

  • Customised length and width
  • Single or twin wheels
  • Mounting a winch, with a remote control
  • Closed side guards
  • Toolboxes
  • Pneumatic ramp system
  • Different wheel locking systems
  • Painting in colour


Options for tractor conversions include:

  • Spoiler Fly-over
  • Aluminium cases
  • Closed side guards
  • Painting in colour
  • Air suspension

A combination with a trailer is also possible. Click here for more information.

More information about the new product line of semi-trailers?