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4/5 loaders
five cars is the maximum number for a transporter, the steel construction possibilities for 4 cars are derived from this. For the maximum loading volume, floors are usually lowered. For the transportation of tall vehicles, such as MPVs, vans and SUVs, Tijhof offers lifting tables in the subfloor. Several lifting systems, at the front and rear, ensure a variable height adjustment to realise the maximum loading volume.

For the construction for 5 cars the top floor can be retracted hydraulically at the rear. The mesh above the cabin is constructed in such a manner that a car can stand if the floor behind the cabin is lowered.

For these constructions, different options are available as well.

  • Several winches, electronic or hydraulic
  • Different kinds of floors and chocks
  • Side guards open or closed
  • Toolboxes
  • Lights
  • Ramps
  • Couplings for trailers (also as close coupling)
  • Several after-treatments
  • Inspections for RDW as well as TÜV

Tijhof uses LED side lighting as a standard for driving without malfunctions Furthermore, Tijhof finishes the product if needed. Your construction is at least blasted and painted in that case. More and more often metal spraying is also made use of, for which Tijhof dismounts the entire construction for optimal results.

A combination with a trailer is also possible. Click here for more information.

More information about steel constructions for 4-5 vehicle loaders?