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3 Cars

2/3 loaders

Car transporters for two cars or three are customised for your needs and demands. If needed, it can be combined with a customised trailer. Virtually any imaginable option is possible:

  • Lifting systems at both front and rear, through a fully hydraulic power unit or via a PTO pump
  • Floors constructed of checker plate or special floorboards where wheel chocks fit, possibly with storage space
  • Winch, electrically or hydraulically with capacity up to 5500 kg
  • Standard aluminium ramps
  • Several sizes of toolboxes
  • Different kinds of side guards

Steel construction
Tijhof also designs and produces several heavy car transporters, from transporters for 2 or 3 cars to car transportation combinations suitable for transporting several and different vehicles.

The trailers are customised, exactly designed for your transportation needs and the vehicles you wish to transport.

Available options for trailers above 3,500 kilos:

  • Fixed or telescopic drawbar
  • Fixed floor or stackable plateaus
  • telescopic rear
  • Single or double mounting
  • High/low set air suspension
  • EBS
  • Mechanical or hydraulic floor jack
  • Different types of floors
  • Mounting a winch
  • Different possibilities for after-treatment
  • RDW or TUV inspection
More information about trailers for 2-3 cars?